"Completely essential ....
the best deep house to come out of Australia, ever!"
[In The Mix]


".....The second [Groovescooter] side is far more essential.
Without undue hype, this is the best deep house to come out of Australia, ever! I guess that does place a bit of pressure on the tracks. But, I can honestly say that I've been digging these soulful slow house tracks in a way I often find difficult with most 'deep' house. Soulful (but never saccharine) vocals, lovely mellifluous instrumentation, beats that are tightly programmed, but deliciously groovy (sorry, it's true). This is dance music of the highest quality, in a world where 'deep' is usually just an opportunity to add some pads and a sampled vocal, all three tracks are really special. Don Meers slow electro-house groove 'Electronique Mascara' is gorgeous, and the downtempo Groovescooter mix of Four Play's 'Lilli Pilli Drive' is equally beautiful. Groovescooter lift the pace to a more dancefloor friendly tempo for the soulful techiness of 'Flokati Rug Nights'. Good deep house records are hard enough to find. Good Australian deep tracks, well up until now I wasn't sure that they existed.
While the Clan tracks are great, the tracks from Groovescooter are what makes this 12 completely essential.
In The Mix]


"....Keep it coming!"
[Joe90, Vibes On A Summers Day]


"Lilli Pilli Drive....... the track is even better then the title."
[Cay Taylan - Vienna, Vitamine]


"...Don Meers' Electronique Mascara is a highly seductive
deep house tune to get you in the mood for some French-style lovin'. Groovescooter the producers also appear on this release with two tracks. Their remix of FourPlay's Lilli Pilli Drive and their original piece Flokati Rug Nights take off on some Bond-style cruising across the globe. Full of vibes effects and percussive beats, they offer a very palatable set of smooth party tunes that are definitely stirred, rather than shaken. ..."
[Tom Dawkins - Vibewire]

"Mighty, mighty fine."
[DJ Graham Mandroules]

"...Really loved it - the Don Meers track is first rate as per usual...."
[Glen, Radio 2XX]

"Thanks for that! Very impressed.
[DJ Scott Pullen]



Side 1 DON MEERS 'Electronique Mascara'
FOURPLAY 'Lilli Pilli Drive' [Groovescooter's Moothloop remix]
GROOVESCOOTER 'Flokati Rug Nights' [Monastiraki remix]

Side 2 DISCO STU 'An Englishman In Ibiza'
NULL OBJECT 'Stan Austad Is My Dad'
PRETTY BOY CROSSOVER 'Disappearing Music For Face'


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