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3D World Magazine

" Music for me is a journey.
Train Noise is about moving from the past to the future."

Electronic composer and downbeat soundtracker DON MEERS' new longplayer is an album of sonic cinema-scapes which follows on from his jazzier ep 4.30AM . Conceived after 6 months traveling in India, Train Noise is suspended by Meers' trademark cinematic direction, moving from obvious tripping excerpts like 'Varanasi' to the more obscure and distant images projected by opening tracks 'Dark World' and 'Europa'. On these tunes bowed melodies and moods transport the listener to Eastern Bloc boulevards circa the cold war, while the album snakes its way from the shores of the Ganges to a Parisian movie house and beyond, before reaching Redfern Station - the location of the album's cover image and the sampled backing for the slow-mo title track closer.

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3D WORLD Magazine 5 / 5

"Sydney based Don Meers is the creative engineer
behind one of the most impressive releases of the
year. Train Noise is a sonic journey, conceived and
inspired by a sojourn to India. It's a release that has been
saturated in a syrup of jazzy influenced melodies, soothing
beats and swathed in a deep cinematic cloth. The opener
'Dark World' is an upbeat ticket that ushers the listener
to first class, ready for Meers' artistic voyage. Lounging
back in the buffet, the obscure and desolate landscapes
'Europa' and 'Varnasi' race pass, maintaining the illusion
of calm before carriages expand and rotate, flying away in
'Only The Pain...'. Over the CD's ten tracks, Meers' vessel
cruises across forests of horns where trees whisper in
tongues, through hollow tunnels of sound and over delicate
percussive bridges. As the whistle blows, and the carriages
slow, passengers disembark back to where they started...
far away long from home." [Lemon Head]

STU Magazine

"Dark and evocative aural explorations of the seedier side of
modern urban living. Don Meers takes his jazz background and adds
elements of electronica and house to create a soundscape which is
ever-changing and deliciously complex. On tracks such as 'Alien
Love Song' and 'The French Quarter', Meers displays a deft hand
for intricate composition and production. The fusion of genres on
the opening song 'Dark World', it's multi-dimensional drum beats
and melodic bassline, sets a wonderful precedent for the rest of the
album. Strikingly impressive. And dramatically so. [Zolton Zavos]

""A more apt title for an album there has not been
since Jim O'Rourke's 'Eureka'. Don Meers,
an ambitious musical gigolo has entitled his album debut 'Train Noise'
and as much as it is the combination of dark beats, fresh Indian
summer wofts of sultry air and a refreshing humidity, it is also a collected
work of rickety jazz-samples and found sounds, scratching and synthetic
organically based cinematically inclined pieces. The aura of 'Train Noise'
is a wash with multi-directional sound; flickering beats scattering cohesive,
Baldamenti inspired layers of synth and as is referred to with great frequency,
the undercurrents which often show up in the work of Mira Calix or even
Andrea Parker's 'Kiss my arp' release. Meers has I think, the intent,
or the sly of hand to write both unobtainable and inexcusably catchy
tracks, the best example here being the familiar sounding 'Only
The Pain Will Set You Free', which positioned between the harsher
'Varanasi' and the colder 'French Quarter' sounds reminiscent of
anything from the wonderful drum'n'bass period of just a few years
ago where labels like Moving Shadow, Mo'Wax and Warp flaunted
their charismatic and globally accepted genious' and won the
hearts of everybody at some point along the way. Possessing
just that sort of darkness, 'Train Noise' might be three years too
late, or might be a precedent for a whole selection of jazz-inspired
bedroomists to really work their craft into something
aural and three dimensional."

"In classical music terminology it's called 'program' music: "music
..... based upon a scheme of mental pictures, which it seeks to
evoke or recall by means of sound." Don Meers seems to have
had something similar in mind on his stunning debut album, Train
. Using as inspiration mental pictures from his travels
through a host of exotic places, Meers has created a lush, ambient
tapestry of electronic music and samples that is so evocative you
can almost step into it. The prevailing mood, for me, can't be summed
up in a single word; it's the intoxicating feeling you sometimes have
in a strange city, late at night, when everything seems alienating,
slightly scary and strangely beautiful all at the same time. The
rhythms are insistent but understated, over which Meers lays
gentle washes of synthesiser, disembodied voices, bluesy
saxophone samples and a myriad of sculptured electronic sounds.
The melodies are simple, melancholic phrases, played on
piano as often as not, that linger in the memory long after the
music is over. Rich in atmosphere and a sense of space, this
album is the perfect soundtrack for your own mental pictures,
whatever they might be. If they ever remake Blade Runner,
Meers is the man for the soundtrack." [David Curry]

Multi-talented sonic adventurer, Don Meers,
brings road-trip cinemascope to a stereo near
you. Urban beats meet honking saxophones and lush
strings, with whispering French chicks filling in the
gaps. This is moving music for near-deserted train
stations or pre-dawn meanderings with just
you and a very close friend. Soaring. Sad. Superb."
[Clive Smith]

...Train Noise is a masterfully realised excursion through
down tempo electronica and jazz inflected soundscapes; a
record to which the term cinematic will inevitably and
deservedly be applied. Europa for instance, is a tense and
eerily evocative composition which would serve well as the
soundtrack to a modern film noir flick with its driving beats,
haunting keys and string arrangements..... Other tracks
such as Only The Pain Will Set You Free and Alien Love
Song are similarly captivating pieces that combine
various instrumental samples and edgy beats with an
organic ambience to create unsettling yet intriguing
auditory atmospheres. Overall Train Noise is from
beginning to end and engaging and memorable ride."
[Simon Winkler]

"....[An] artisan, melodic quality and a swathe of interior
and exterior atmospherics that remind me of films,
rather than dancing in a club. The broad palette of well
produced synthesis and sampling is lovely, and
in the middle section, Only The Pain Will Set You Free,
The French Quarter, and I Don't Know carry the jazzy feel
that shows Meers most at home with his work......
[Train Noise] falls between two stools for me - neither chill nor dance.
Another way to look at it is, as beats music with
much more than the usual amount of musicianship."
[Jonathan Sykes]



CAPITAL Q Magazine
"If you're looking for electronica with the vibe of a smoky after
hours club, look no further than 4.30am, the new EP from local
electro beat poet Don Meers. The man taps into a wicked world of
wild jazz samples, down to earth vocal cuts, ambience, and
sensually pulsating rhythms for this five-track journey. It draws
you in with the clubbed up cool of big band 'Rum Boogie', mellows
you out with the dark sensuality of bass, brushed percussion,
brass and woodwind of 'Gelber Mond', then scoops you back up
into the bionic jazz meets twisted tech workout of 'We Have The
Technology'. An that's only the halfway mark! The EP's title track
has a dreamy piano melody loping down darkly echoing hallways
at 4.30am, before finally emerging into the real world hustle and
bustle of 'Fireworks At Night', its piano traveling hesitantly within
a frenetic drum and bass soundscape. A well realised and
beautifully atmospheric ride." [Paul Turner]


"...The title track from his new ep,
a totally convincing film noir trip
through imaginary back streets
in a city that never sleeps.
Minimal jazz-meets-beats with
an edgy dark heart. Nice one."
[Matt Dickson, Jazz Grooves - Sydney Is]

"...Something genuinely musical as well as moody ....
sometimes it will carry you somewhere languid, or then
pierce your head. Intriguing." [Ross Clelland]


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