2010 ltd edition repress



2010 ltd edition repress

inga liljestrom urchin
[underwater photo of Inga by Paola Talbert]

Finally, Inga's debut album 'Urchin' from 1998 is available again!
For this 2010 repress, we decided to make it a little special. For this handcrafted collectors edition, we've added
quite a few extras. For starters there's a brand new single called THISTLE. 'Thistle' is one of those tender, magical,
intimate and gooseflesh-inducing songs from Inga's quiver of heart-breaking arrows, which features her inimitable voice backed only by Stu Hunter's mournful piano accordion (Inga is afterall living in Paris at the moment, the city of squeeze boxes). Apart from original album faves like Coma, Marmalade and The Drowning Song, bonus tracks include the Ali Omar remix of Marmalde, Mothloop's remix of Inga's unreleased Awkward Like A Boy tune, and the dark creep of You Shine. Included here is the original version of You Shine, recorded with William Frasier formerly of Baggsmen/The Hive and never before released. There's also an exclusive download for those who purchase the disc of a quirky new tune called Weku Weky (don't ask!). That's 19 tracks in all! (No really. We can add, 17 plus the mp3 and did someone say "hidden track"?). This 2010 version comes, like all da dAdA exclusives, in special hand crafted packaging with a stunning underwater photo of Inga by amazing Sydney photographer Paola Talbert.

Inga Liljeström : Urchin 2010 tracklising

holding still
the drowning song
oxygen boy
coma (bob scott's remix)
the wait
deeper things
10 smiles
touch tongue
+ 2010 bonus tracks
marmalade (ali omar's remix)
thistle (with Stu Hunter)
you shine (with William Frasier)

awkward like a boy (mohtloop's
mouthful of butterflies remix)


hold me down here underwater
i breathe more freely here
this ship is casting an anchor
he said her waters are safer calmer
i thought we both were hooked line and
s i n k i n g



all lyrics, vocals and string arrangements by inga liljestrom / all songs written and arranged by inga, except tracks 1, 11 and 13 by inga and bob scott, track 9 remixed by bob scott midi pre-production at mars studios engineered by david newman / all songs recorded and mixed at troy horse studios except tracks 1, 10, 11 and 13 recorded at dodgy studios engineered by bob scott / produced by bob scott and inga / mastered at sydney opera house by bob scott and tim greig / studio outboard gear supplied by gizmo / original urchin album photography by gavin bradstreet and paul andrew / original urchin album layout design by anna fraser, dave snelgrove, anna-lisa backlund and inga / 2010 cover photo by paola talbert

musicians 1. programming - bob scott / 2. programming - inga, additional production and keyboard gurgles - paul searles, cello - roger holtom, viola and piano - natasha rumiz / 3. toy piano - inga, experimental cello - liberty kerr / 4. programming - paul searles and inga, bass - ben rosen, drums - gene gill, violin - natasha rumiz / 5. cello - roger holtom, viola and violin - natasha rumiz / 6. programming - inga, guitar - luke o'neil, bass - ben rosen / 7. programming - inga and paul searles, bass - ben rosen, drums - gene gill, cello - roger holtom, viola and violin - natasha rumiz / 8. cello - roger holtom, viola and violin - natasha rumiz / 9. remix - bob scott, original programming - inga and paul searles, original strings - natasha rumiz (violin and viola) and roger holtom (cello) / 10. guitar - inga / 11. programming - bob scott / 12. viola - natasha rumiz, cello - roger holtom and liberty kerr, experimental cello - liberty kerr, piano - inga / 13. prayer - galit massuri, programming - bob scott, bells - inga



"Organic masterpiece."
[Damien and Dave - Wicked Beat Sound System]

"Extremely original and dazzling"
[Pete Rivett-Carnac, Single Gun Theory]

"One of the most enjoyable records
I have bought in a long time.
Tim Whitten- producer of Powderfinger, The Clouds.

"It's moody, sometimes swoonish,
trance music with echoes of Bjork, Dead Can Dance, Golden Palominos, and Marianne Faithfull's Kurt Weill phase..." [Lesley Sly, Panorama Ansett magazine]

"As Inga's ethereal voice rasps from the stereo,
you know this journey will be something special. One part fragile and tortured, Urchin is an effortless wave of textures creating a strange and uncomfortable state. It has a vision heady and undefinable. The depth and beauty of Inga's emotions resonates in each track, and you're squirming in your seat."
[Christine Butler, Mixdown magazine]

"I love this CD,
and it was even made right here in Australia. If you're looking for a comparison, think Bristol meets Bjork, but this music really does stand out as stylistically unique. It is a CD that's full of surprises. At one point the music cuts out abruptly and then re-starts in a different key. I thought: 'Wow- nice! Was that meant to happen, or is my CD player f--ked?' And I just love what she did with the last track!(not telling you...its another surprise). But it's representative of the whole CD. Urchin is a f--ked up, extremely original and dazzling piece of music that outshines the latest offerings from Bristol."
[Pete Rivett- Carnac, Single Gun Theory]





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