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The Album Show
September 2003 to June 2005

Wednesdays Midday to 1pm
FBi Radio Sydney 94.5FM




Hosted by Georgie & Paris, The Album Show was a weekly program focussing on inventive albums, normally played in their entirety and interspersed by interviews with the artists behind them, or biographical info and selections from their back-catalogue. Below is a list of the albums featured during the show's 21 months on air at FBI 94.5.

Featured Albums:

29:06:05 GANG OF FOUR Final Show Special [Go]
22:06:05 YFC Ricochet [Go]
22:06:05 FAT FREDDY'S DROP Based On a True Story [Go]
14:06:05 26 The King Must Die [Go]
14:06:05 13 & GOD 13 & God [Go]
08:06:05 STEREOLAB Oscillons From The Anti-Sun [Go]

25:05:05 DAKTARI My Pet Goat
18:05:05 THE FREE DESIGN/VARIOUS The Now Sound Redesigned [Go]
11:05:05 SINEAD O'CONNOR Collaborations [Go]
03:05:05 SOFAMECCA Commuters [Go]

27:04:05 GAUCHE Paints Lane [Go]
20:04:05 CARIBOU The Milk Of Human Kindness [Go]
13:04:05 URBS Toujours le Meme Film [Go]
13:04:05 MORCHEEBA The Antidote [Go]

30:03:05 LAURA Mapping Your Dreams [Go]
09:03:05 WICKED BEAT SOUND SYSTEM 4ormation [Go]
02:03:05 HUSKY RESCUE Country Falls

23:02:05 TONETRAEGER This Is Not Here [Go]
16:02:05 EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL Special Adapt or Die
09:02:05 HOOD Outside Closer [Go]
02:02:05 MAJELLA O'SHEA Tangents Trail [Go]
02:02:05 WINSTON GILES ORCHESTRA Soundtracks For Sunrise [Go]

26:01:05 INCH-TIME Any Colour You Like [Go]
19:01:05 MR SCRUFF presents Solid Steel
12:01:05 VARIOUS Deep Throat Soundtrack I + II
12:01:05 LITTLE BARRIE We Are Little Barrie
05:01:05 VARIOUS Secret Love
05:01:05 BILL LASWELL Version 2 Version Dub Transmission

29:12:04 The 'Best' of 2004
22:12:04 THE CLASH Black Market Clash
15:12:04 BLU TRIBUNL Blu Tribunl
15:12:04 HER NAME IN LIGHTS Into The Light Again
08:12:04 CAN Ege Bamyasi
01:12:04 THE CLIENTELE The Violet Hour

24:11:04 ALICE RUSSELL Under The Munka Moon
17:11:04 SADDLEBACK Everything's A Love Letter
10:11:04 MASSIVE ATTACK Danny The Dog
03:11:04 FOUR TET/VARIOUS Late Night Tales

27:10:04 2UP Players Club
20:10:04 MARIANNE FAITHFULL Before The Poison / Broken English
13:10:04 SECRET MASTERS The Lost Dub Tapes
06:10:04 PLANTLIFE The Return Of Jack Splash

29:09:04 DECODER RING Somersault
22:09:04 JOSEPH LEONARD Soft On The Small Moon
22:09:04 JIMI TENOR Beyond The Stars
15:09:04 VARIOUS Beat & Squelch series
08:09:04 SJD Southern Lights / Lost Soul Music

25:08:04 EXOTICA Turkish IV
25:08:04 PAUL GRABOWSKY Tales of Time and Space
18:08:04 URTHBOY Distant Sense of Random Menace
18:08:04 UPSHOT Make It Happen
18:08:04 DJ PERIL/VARIOUS Electro Shock
11:08:04 THE BOYS NEXT DOOR Door Door
11:08:04 CONWAY SAVAGE Wrong Man's Hands

04:08:04 MIKE LADD Nostalgialator
04:08:04 VIJAY IYER + MIKE LADD In What Language?

28:07:04 COLDER Again
21:07:04 THE REELS Quasimodo's Dream
21:07:04 MODELS Albravacharliedeltaechofoxtrotgolf
14:07:04 VARIOUSS/LAMB Back To Mine Vol 18
07:07:04 BLACK CAB Altamont Diary

30:06:04 ENIK Without A Bark
30:06:04 FUNKSTORUNG Disconnected
23:06:04 VARIOUS: Morvern Callar
16:06:04 FAULTLINE: Your Love Means Everything
09:06:04 PINK FLOYD: Dark Side Of The Moon
09:06:04 EASY STAR ALL-STARS: Dub Side Of The Moon
02:06:04 HIGH PASS FILTER: Soft Adventure

26:05:04 TELEFON TEL AVIV: Map of What is Effortless
19:05:04 NOSTALGIA 77: Songs For My Funeral
12:05:04 THE WOODS THEMSELVES: The Woods Themselves
05:05:04 PRETTY BOY CROSSOVER: Always Buildings Always Cities
05:05:04 CITY CITY CITY: Dawn and the Blue Light District

28:04:04 AVRIL: Members Only
21:04:04 THE BLACK SEEDS: Keep On Pushing/Pushed
15:04:04 ATONE: Brutalism
07:04:04 AVRIL: That Horse Must Be Starving

31:03:04 PAUL WELLER /VARIOUS: Under The Influence/Café Bleu
24:03:04 ARTHUR RUSSELL: The World Of Arthur Russell
17:03:04 DAVID SYLVIAN: Blemish
10:03:04 SIA: Colour The Small One
03:03:04 MICE PARADE: Obrigado Saudade

25:02:04 LYRICS BORN: Later That Day
18:02:04 GOTYE: Boardface
11:02:04 VIA TANIA: Under A Different Sky
04:02:04 GB3: Circlework

28:01:04 MICHAEL WHEATLEY: Under Da Hood
21:01:04 JUNGLEHAMMER: Junglehammer
14:01:04 ABACUS ROOLZ: The Trials and Tribulations Of
14:01:04 INGA: Elk [preview]
07:01:04 VARIOUS: Evolutionary Vibes Vol 5

17:12:03 TINA HARROD: Shacked Up In Paradise
10:12:03 PLANKTON: The Undertone
10:12:03 LOWRION: Merging Traffic
03:12:03 TRIOSK + JAN JELINEK: 1 + 3 + 1
03:12:03 THE NECKS: Drive By
03:12:03 RAND + HOLLAND: Tomorrow Will Be Like Today

26:11:03 BELLYDANCE: One Blood + Babylon Mixed Business
19:11:03 VARIOUS: Straight From The Art
05:11:03 THE BIRD: Audible Inventions
05:11:03 IOTA: Caravan
05:11:03 ADAM PRINGLE BAND: 1 To 8

29:10:03 VARIOUS: Bondi Calling
22:10:03 VARIOUS: Silent Soundtracks Vol 1 + Vol 2 [preview]
15:10:03 BAGGSMEN: Eleven Stages
08:10:03 DEEPCHILD: What's Going Wrong?
01:10:03 KATALYST: Agent Manipulated

24:09:03 SUN: Remixes
17:09:03 VARIOUS: Ska Skank Downunder Vols 1 + 2
10:09:03 PROP: Cook Cut Damage Destroy
03:09:03 PURDY: Fairytale Insurance [preview]

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